Grading Services

Card Grading Pricing


$200 – Express Service. Max card value $2,499

$300 – Super Express. Max card value $4,999

$600 – Walk Thru – $9,999

Note: Service level moves up automatically if higher than max value.


$250 – Premium
$125 – Premium no subgrade


$30 – Raw. Value up to $1500
$250 – Raw. 1-3 days
Contact us for cards over $1,500


$12/card Bulk

Grading may be delayed for less than 50 cards.
$20 – Economy
$30 – Standard
$60 – Express
Fee+$10 – subgrades +5 days
$2 per pack pulled autographed cards


$15 – Bulk delayed if under 50 cards – max $250
$25 – Economy – $500
$35 – Standard – $1000
$60 – Express – $10k
$10 – subgrades
fee+$5 – Error Cards

Please Read

  1. 1) Fees are charged when cards are shipped except for Beckett & SCG which are paid upfront.
    2) Turnaround time varies by company and service level
    3) Prices do not include a $5 service charge
    4) There is a $5 inspection fee if needed, or $10 to inspect, clean, package, and make ready to ship.
  2. 5) $90 for expedited shipping

Grading Request Form

Fill out the form below, choose your service company and level. Uploading images of cards to be graded will improve our ability to help you.

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    Customer Reviews

    Stopped in to buy/trade cards very professional and honest. Left very happy and satisfied. Great place to shop

    Christopher Dirks Avatar Christopher Dirks
    December 18, 2022

    Fun and friendly environment. Employees are relatable and honest. My preferred card shop now. Perfect place for everyone

    R Stewart Avatar R Stewart
    May 14, 2021

    A well needed collectibles shop in Champaign/Urbana. Excellent service, professional, knowledgeable and informative staff who provides honest and fair evaluations of all collectibles. Stop and buy or have any item evaluated and you won't won't be disappointed.

    Keith Harrington Avatar Keith Harrington
    May 14, 2021


    Like everyone, Box Seat Cards is relieved that the store survived these last two years. COVID certainly made the early years of our store memorable. When Joe Coffman decided to take his love for sports trading cards and share it with the city of Champaign, he had no idea what a wild ride he was signing up for. Lock-downs ... Mask mandates ... the Christmas rush! Through it all Champaign's sports card lovers came to buy, sell and trade at Box Seat Cards.

    During the last two years, we have expanded our sports memorabilia and our stock of cards across all major sports. Look through our inventory, your hero is probably here just waiting for you. In good times and bad, we are always interested in growing Champaign's sports card & memorabilia community. Which is why we still make room for other avid collectors to display and sell their collections.

    If there is a positive side to lockdown, it's that kids had time to learn about Dad's or Mom's collection and got bitten by the bug themselves. Box Seat Cards still has our free card bins for young sports fans to start their collections. Whether you are young or old, a new fan or an experienced collector, Box Seat Cards & Collectibles is a must stop spot.

    Whether you are young or old, a new fan, or an experienced collector, Box Seat Cards & Collectibles is a must stop spot.


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